EdTech Society Annual Day

Join us for the EdTech Society’s Second Annual Day! Date: Saturday, April 27, 2024 Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM We’re excited to celebrate another year with you. This event will be a…
EdTech Society
April 27, 2024 7:30 pm
The Masterclass is available for ₹0 (100% discount) to EdTech Society members. The talk will cover three main points: an introduction to virtual labs, assessing current experiment designs and suggesting improvements,…
anita pic for ET - Anita Diwakar
Dr. Anita S. Diwakar
VJTI-TBI, Mumbai, India
April 13, 2024 7:00 pm
This talk on the “Effective Integration of Technology in K-12 education” will explore the critical aspect of integrating technology into the classroom. The talk will introduce the importance…
Dr. Veenita Shah
Head of Research and Strategy
Tata ClassEdge Limited
March 28, 2024 7:30 pm
Brief Description Explore strategies for creating effective online courses that cater to diverse global audiences. Learn about practices in course design, development, and deployment to ensure successful implementation on…
Anurag Deep
Dr. Anurag Deep
National Project Officer
March 9, 2024 7:00 pm

Dr. Deepti Reddy holds a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB). Currently, she serves as an Associate Professor at MPSTME, NMIMS University in…

Dr. Deepti Reddy
Associate Professor
February 29, 2024 7:30 pm
The Masterclass is available for ₹0 (100% discount) to EdTech Society members. Human learning is a complex process and, in this Masterclass, Dr. Anveshna will describe through a few…
Dr. Anveshna Srivastava
Assistant Professor
IIT Kanpur
February 10, 2024 7:00 pm