Masterclass #13 EdTech Implementation – 101

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Explore successful EdTech implementation strategies in our Masterclass No: 13 with Dr.T.G.Lakshmi. Gain insights into seamless integration, impact measurement, and deployment planning.

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“EdTech Implementation 101” talk will delve into the critical steps and strategies required for a successful deployment of educational technology. Before taking any EdTech intervention to the field, attendees will learn the importance of contextualization. During implementation in the field, the talk explores best practices for ensuring seamless integration. Additionally, participants will gain insights into measuring the impact of EdTech solutions, including key metrics, data collection methods, and evaluation frameworks. This talk equips educators and administrators with the knowledge and guidelines to navigate the complexities of EdTech deployment.

Key Objective(s)

At the end of this Masterclass, the participants will be able to:

  • Utilize guidelines and plan for edTech deployment
  • Plan for seamless integration during edTech deployment.

Resource Person: Dr. T. G. Lakshmi, Research Head, Shikha Institute of Education, Shikha Academy, Shantilal Shanghvi Foundation, Mumbai.

Brief Bio:

Dr. T. G. Lakshmi (she/her) has a total 18 years of experience in the different sectors such as educational institute, social sector, and also software development industry. Dr. T. G. Lakshmi has received the ‘Future DigiLeader 2020’ award from Digital Futures. She was recently part of a working group on future learning environments at EduSummit 2023 in Japan. She serves as a program chair and reviewer in several international conferences such as ICCE, ICSE, ICER , ICLS.¬†

Her primary research interests lie in design, implementation and evaluation of edTech interventions for skills such as computational thinking and scientific inquiry. She is currently head of research  with a not-for-profit education institute (Shikha Institute of Education) in Mumbai. In her current stint in the education social sector, she has led a large-scale edTech implementation project, conceptualized the Foundational Literacy and Numeracy project and worked with governments in teacher capacity building. 


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