Assignment1 – Idea Proposal

What you have done so far is that you became familiar with different categories of ET research papers and analysed their properties. You have chosen your research idea and worked on it twice already. Initially, you thought about a research idea and submitted the pre-workshop assignment. Then in the previous activity, you self-assessed whether the … Read more

Assignment2 – Study planning

What you have done so far is that you have finalised your research idea proposal by consulting with your research buddy. The goal of this assignment is to prepare a study plan based on the idea proposal. Steps to follow Click here to access the Study Planning Template (SPT). Either make a copy of the … Read more

LbD1: Analysis of strong and weak research papers in ET

This is a Learning by Doing (LbD) activity, which is a formative assessment activity that provide learners with frequent opportunities to practice and apply their learning. Two research papers, A and B are given. They are on similar topics. Read the papers and answer the questions given in the worksheet. Goal of activity:  Your overall … Read more