Moving Towards Reflective Practice in Teaching and Learning

Masterclass 2 on “Moving Towards Reflective Practice in Teaching and Learning” was held on Friday, August 26 3:30 pm to 5 pm (IST). This masterclass provided participants opportunities to learn reflective practice in teaching and learning.

 Session Objectives :

  • Describe the concept of  reflective practice 
  • Demonstrate using reflective practice in teaching and learning context
  • Describe how to take next steps and learn more about reflective practice.

 About Instructor: Dr. Jayakrishnan M, Senior Scientist ( Institute Of Technology–Madras (IIT–Madras)

A researcher with a keen interest in projects related to use of Information and Communication Technologies for Development of Education (ICT4DE). Dr. Jayakrishnan is currently working as Senior Scientist in NPTEL and is also part of the Academic team that manages the B.S. Degree in Data Science and Applications at IIT Madras. As part of the research work I was part of the design and implementation team of 3 large scale (Between 1000-5000 participants) In-Service Faculty Professional Development workshops delivered through A-VIEW system.