Community Building Strategies

Masterclass 7 was about community building strategies. We looked at a particular Community of Practice (CoP), which has been working together since the last 3 years and propagating active-learning practices. This small CoP (of ~25 teachers) has conducted more than 150 sessions (250+ hours) and reached out to 4000+ participants. We will discuss the strategies to build, sustain, and grow such CoPs. 

Following learning objectives were achieved during this masterclass:

  • Identify/report the aspects required to form a community
  • Discuss the functioning of a community.
  • Present key achievements and learnings of the CoP- individual and collective

Some of our testimonials about this masterclass:
“The actual implementation of the topic and the experience shared by Dr. Sameer was truly valuable.“

“I attended such a session for the first time but it was very interesting and informative.Most valuable aspect was the explanation of every topic with appropriate real life examples”

Those who missed this masterclass can still visit the recording at YouTube Live link!