Blender for 3D Modelling and Animation

Masterclass 8 focused on introducing Blender, a free and open-source 3D CG content creation tool, and how to use it. The participants learnt to begin their 3D modeling and 3D animation career, pursue a hobby or create 3D content for education. 

The following learning objectives were achieved during this masterclass:

  • Describe key concepts in 3D modelling and animation.
  • Demonstrate how to use Blender for 3D modelling and animation.

ETSY members get free access to the upcoming Blender workshop (offline / online).

Some of our testimonials about this masterclass:

“Going through all the aspects of blender and get the insight to create models through it.“

“It was my first time, that I got know about 3D models, blenders, rendering.. Honestly, I wanna learn more about blender. Thank you so much to EdechSociety!”

Those who missed this masterclass can still visit the recording at YouTube Live link!