Using NO-Code AI tools for Systematic Literature Review
Sep 23

Are you interested in enhancing your research skills and harnessing…

Sep 23

Are you interested in enhancing your research skills and harnessing…

Apr 27

Are you interested in learning more about the latest trends,…

About EdTech Society

EdTech Society is a professional non-profit association started in India by individuals who are committed to improve instruction and learning through the use of educational technologies.

EdTech Society members are researchers, developers and practitioners in the field of educational technology. Which includes: Higher education faculty, graduate students, instructional designers, educational technology tools developers, school teachers, government, corporate and military trainers.








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Benefits of becoming a member

EdTech Society provides a yearly membership plan for Students and Professionals. EdTech Society Membership comes with following benefits.


Network and collaborate with scholars, researchers and practitioners in the field of Educational Technology.


Opportunities for professional career growth.

Conference and Program Discounts

Reduced registration fees at annual conference. Reduced registration fees on the EdTech Society’s Faculty Development Programs, Winter and Summer Schools.


Access to key resources and best practice in Educational Technology.


Awards, Scholarship and internships programs.

Global Affiliation

Affiliation with International associations.

Professional/Faculty Development Programme

We look forward to collaborating with you to provide the best professional/faculty development programs by the EdTech Society. To request our support  with the best professional/faculty development programs, please fill this FDP Request form.

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